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If you want a landscape unlike any other, we are the team for you.

When you look around at your neighbors’ front lawns or backyards, you might notice that there isn’t much variety. If you’re yearning for something unlike the other yards you see around you, we encourage you to turn to our team at NatEv Life, LLC for custom landscaping services. Our goal is to create landscapes that are totally unique and tailored to each client’s specific tastes, right down to the last detail.

Custom Landscaping in Vero Beach, Florida

All our experienced team members are passionate about providing custom landscaping services. Not only do we enjoy tackling new challenges and being creative in our work, but we also love to see our clients’ excited reactions when they see the finished product. When you choose custom landscaping services from us, you don’t have to worry about getting a cookie-cutter design. We will take the time to discuss your goals for your landscape, the types of plants you love, layouts you are interested in, and how much maintenance you are able to undertake. Once we’re quipped with this information, we can create stunning custom landscaping designs that you’ll be sure to love.

We also pride ourselves on creating low-maintenance landscapes for busy homeowners. About 95% of our designs require little maintenance, and some of them can go without pruning for six months to a year. Plus, you can rely on our team to provide clear instructions and advice for keeping your landscape looking as good as it did when it was first installed.

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