Try a Unique Approach to Landscaping

Our landscape company designs landscapes creatively in Vero Beach, FL

When you want a landscape with a fully customized landscape design, you can hire NātEv Life, LLC. Our family-owned landscape company has been providing custom landscape installation and landscape maintenance services since 2006 in Vero Beach, FL. We've also been providing horticultural services, so you can hire us to keep your landscape healthy and beautiful.

Discuss your landscape with our company's owner

You can arrange for horticultural consultation services on your property, where we'll view your current landscape and discuss your plans for the land in detail. You can begin creating a design or planning horticultural services. Additionally, if you want to update your hardscape in addition to the landscape, you can ask us about hiring local contractors. Contact us today to discuss revamping your hardscape or landscape.

Create a well-composed landscape

When you work with our locally-owned landscape company, you won't be working with just any landscaping contractors. You'll be collaborating with fully trained, experienced landscapers, including our company's owner, Kimberley Modesitt.

She'll provide aerial and 2D visualizations of your landscape. She'll also be on-site during any work on your property, providing creative insight based on:

Her training in fine art, landscape design and horticulture

Her skill in bringing together colors, textures and shapes

Her experience in residential and commercial landscape installation

When you work with her and our landscaping contractors, you can expect your landscape to be a work of art. Call 772-408-2014 now to schedule a consultation about your landscape.