5 Reasons to Choose Us to Beautify Your Landscape [infographic]

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At NatEv Life, LLC, we design and install stunning landscapes. Our core services include custom landscaping, garden design, horticultural consultations, xeriscaping, and water features. Here are just a few reasons to choose us to work on your landscape design.

5 Reasons to Choose Us to Beautify Your Landscape

  1. Custom designs—We stay away from “cookie cutter” designs and provide completely custom landscape solutions. We’ll consider your home, budget, aptitude for maintenance, and preferences when designing your landscape.
  2. Low maintenance solutions—We know you don’t want to spend extra time adjusting your irrigation timer or pruning your shrubs and trees. This is why we specialize in low-maintenance designs, many of which can go 6 months to a year without pruning.
  3. Growing size considerations—As your plants grow and mature over time, you don’t want them overtaking your landscaping. We always take future size into account when putting together landscape designs, so the impact of all the plants on the surrounding area remains consistent for months and years to come.
  4. 20+ years of experience—We have over two decades of experience beautifying landscapes through intentional landscape design. We’ll put this experience to work for you when you hire us, exceeding your expectations with our design and installation work.
  5. Horticultural knowledge—We are educated horticulturalists, so we know which plants grow and thrive in our local climate. Using this knowledge, we can also make recommendations for the best plants for any landscape.

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