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Maintaining Landscaping Services With Ease

Bring in our landscape maintenance professionals in Vero Beach, FL

Landscape maintenance might take up too much of your time now, but you can take your free time back. NātEv Life, LLC, LLC can take care of your residential or commercial landscape in Vero Beach, FL.

We’ll use horticulturally correct practices while providing landscaping services, which include:

  • Removing small weeds monthly or twice a year
  • Pruning shrubs once or twice a year by hand
  • Pruning shaped hedges on a frequent basis

We’ll tailor your services and your schedule to the exact needs of your plants, drawing from more than 19 years of experience with landscape maintenance. Call 772-408-2014 today to talk to a local landscaper about taking care of your landscape.

Improve your property's appearance

While our team doesn't maintain grass, we can bring out the natural beauty of any other plants on your property, like bushes, shrubs and hedges. Healthy, vibrant plants will elevate your property's look dramatically. To increase your curb appeal, arrange for our landscaping services right away.